13 Free Press Release Templates for Any Occasion [Download] (2022)

Looking for downloadable press release templates that you can tailor to your needs? You came to the right place.

Here are 13 free press release templates created with Prowly’s Press Release Creator that you can download and tailor to your needs. All you have to do is choose the most relevant one for you, and fill in the blanks.

Each press release template is compatible with Microsoft Word as well. Just click “Download as .docx” at the bottom of each template. Simple as that!

13 Sample press release templates

  1. New product press release Template
  2. Event press release template
  3. Music press release template
  4. New book announcement press release template
  5. Product update press release template
  6. New hire press release template
  7. Resignation announcement press release template
  8. New location opening press release template
  9. New partnership announcement press release template
  10. Rebranding press release template
  11. Award winner announcement press release template
  12. Statement/declaration press release template
  13. Sports announcement press release template

Regardless of what you’re writing about – every press release should contain:

  • Headline– a taster of what you can expect
  • Lead – a brief overview of the story, including answers to the questions: Who? What? When? Why? With what effect?
  • Body– an explanation of the information provided earlier in the lead, starting from the most newsworthy info to other less important, background info
  • Dateline – to confirm that you’re providing the most up-to-date information
  • Company info – a short paragraph about your company to help journalists understand the nature of the business and make writing about it easier
  • Media contact information – author or company’s/agency’s contact information

Here’s how to write a press release along with different press release examples, in case you’re looking for more tips.

New Product Press Release Template


When writing a press release for a product launch, make sure it comes across what’s special about it, and what it brings to the table for your customers. Maybe you can compare it to other products offered by your competitors, for example? Try to avoid statements like, “we’re happy to announce/inform,” “we have the honor to present,” etc. Focus on specifics instead. Read more about creating an effective press release in our new product press release guide.

Event Announcement Press Release Template

13 Free Press Release Templates for Any Occasion [Download] (2)


Accuracy is extremely important here—don’t forget to include the event’s name, venue, organizer. If you invited experts to speak at your event, provide a brief description of their profiles. When planning their presence at various conferences, journalists want to know ahead of time who they will be talking to and about what.

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If you intend on sending out invitations, make sure journalists know when and where they should RSVP. Don’t just throw the event’s title and a link to its Facebook page in your release—it’s extremely bad practice. If you’re writing about a past event, make sure you include quality photos (captioned with the photographer’s name).

Note: Try not to jam the journalist’s inbox with files that are too large. You can use tools to help you compress these files or refer the readers to your online newsroom where they can view all the images and download the ones they select in their original size. For more information, check out our in-depth guide on writing a press release for an event.

Music Press Release Template


Use this free press release template whenever you want to tell the world about a new album or single release, or a new gig coming up.

Add a teaser to your press release—it’s possible when you’re publishing your news online! All you have to do is embed a SoundCloud or YT code into your story. Also, mention the genre your album fits into.

Don’t forget to include a brief note about the artist and what links them to your brand. If there are partners involved in the project (e.g. artistic patronage), make sure you mention them, too. Journalists will also appreciate some quotes, images, or cover design. Some excerpts from reviews of an album/concert will be welcome, too.

New Book Announcement Press Release Template

New book releases are generally similar to music album releases, but experts on the subject frequently recommend adding something extra to such a press release: an excerpt from the book, quotes from the latest reviews, the author’s bio, or a list of past publications or awards.

Product Update Press Release Template


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You’re just about to release a new feature or improve your product? With this free press release template, you can tell everyone about it.

Explain what has changed and why it’ll be a change for the better—make sure the reader is absolutely certain that the update you’re about to implement isn’t going to be a complication.

If this press release is addressed to users and not the media, it should include the contact details of people in charge of customer support, just in case they have some extra questions. Tutorial videos will also be great to guide the users through the most important changes.

New Hire Press Release Template


So you just hired new talent and you’re wondering how to inform the media of this fact and secure as many publications on this subject as possible? Check out our dedicated new hire press release guide and examples and the free press release template above.

Resignation Announcement Press Release Template


Leaving the company—especially when the person concerned is well-known—is always an interesting topic for the media.

State the reason for leaving, include information on who will replace this person, and/or add a quote from your CEO or the expert who’s left.

New Location Opening Press Release Template


New office = new you? Make sure the world knows about it with this free press release template! Add a few photographs from the opening or team building event, a making-of, or a short video of one of your teammates showing the viewers around the new space.

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It’s also a good idea to include a map with directions that works both on mobile and desktop along with opening hours. Especially if you’re sending out an invitation instead of a cover story from the grand opening event.

Adding a short bio of the company’s founder(s) and a brief note about the company is a standard worth keeping in mind.

New Partnership Announcement Press Release Template


Use this free press release template whenever you start collaborating with a partner that’s important to your business.

Write about your mutual commitments, describe the project you will be working on together, add logos of both companies, graphics relating to your cooperation, contact details of people in charge of communication in both companies.

Make sure to mention how long this partnership is to last!

Rebranding Press Release Template


The most important question you must ask yourself if you’re undergoing a rebranding process is whether or not it will result in completely changing your target group. If so, it’s advisable to rethink your messages. What used to matter to your audiences could have lost its significance.

But no matter what the answer is, your press release should include the following information:

  • An eye-catching headline
  • A brief description of your organization/business, including:
    • rebranding changes that are about to take place
    • a specific date when the changes will take effect
    • reason for undergoing the process, the impact of rebranding (packaging, logos, identity, design, advertising)
    • niche, mission, operations
    • products/services
  • A quote from a stakeholder (the CEO, board member)
  • A relevant photograph (company logo, office building, etc.)
  • Link to the company’s website
  • Release date
  • Dateline
  • Boilerplate—a short paragraph about the company
  • Contact info (contact person, company address, phone)

Award Winner Announcement Press Release Template


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It’s your day of celebration—a moment when you tell the world that you’re the best at something. And there are at least several ways for you to do it.

The official one, where you focus on a catchy headline and lead, plus a body which will include information such as what type of award it is, who is presenting it and in what category, which competition edition it is, whether it’s gold, silver or bronze, what you are getting it for.

Or, you can use a more engaging social media press release where you can use GIFs, social media posts, links to other press releases, emojis, videos, and other multimedia.

Statement/Declaration Press Release Template


The most lifeless and official form. It is a decisive, often written, presentation of your position or beliefs. Most common statements include a statement of no criminal records, a declaration from the party at fault for a collision/accident, or a declaration of will.

Resignation from services also comes in the form of a statement/declaration. It must be short and to-the-point. There is no place for elaborate style and getting creative here. Oh, and one more thing—a press statement is not the same as a press release.

Sports Announcement Press Release Template


New players, changes in the prices of tickets, victory/failure announcements, training camps, medals, playoff start dates, new tournament or team sponsors—these are examples of news topics sports audiences will be most interested in.

This is also what sports journalists expect. You can give them such stories in a visually attractive form and simple (in terms of UX) layout like in the included free press release template above.

No time to write? There’s an alternative

You might think: “Wow, these templates will come in handy one day, but for the time being, we will be struggling to find time to sit down and write them anyway.” That’s OK, you’re not alone!

According to the State of Content Ops & Outsourcing 2021 report, lack of time and internal creative workforce tops the list of reasons for why businesses outsource writing.

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If you want to spread the word about your product release, rebranding, latest feature, exciting partnership, or any other news important for your business, and you won’t be able to write a press release in-house, you can let experienced writers do it for you.

All you need to do is go to Semrush Content Marketplace and order a press release that will help you grab editors’ attention.


Does Google Docs have a press release template? ›

Right now, you can use the ready-made Abstract Green Press Release template and enter up-to-date information there. A catchy and bright design is what you need to attract the attention of potential customers. You can customize the template in any convenient editor.

Is there a press release template on Word? ›

Share the word about your new product announcement using this press release template in Word. This press release template is formatted to help you easily share product details, reviews, availability, and company information.

What is a press release PDF? ›

A press release template is an official news announcement sent to journalists, often used to generate publicity. Whether you're ready to announce product launches, events, or new hires, we offer a variety of premade Press Release PDF Templates that are perfect for your company.

How do I get a free press release? ›

The Top 8 of free press release submission sites (fully updated for 2022)
  1. Online PR News. Probably the most established out of all the free press release submissions sites. ...
  2. PR.com. A similar model to Online PR News, where the most basic package is free. ...
  3. PR Free. ...
  4. PR Log. ...
  5. Press Release Point. ...
  6. PR Fire. ...
  7. Newswire Today. ...
  8. PR Sync.
Apr 28, 2022

How do I create a press release in Word? ›

Press Release Format
  1. Contact information and 'For Immediate Release' at the top.
  2. Title and italicized subheading to summarize the news.
  3. News location and news peg in opening line.
  4. Two to three paragraphs to add context and additional details.
  5. Bulleted facts and/or figures.
  6. Company description at the bottom.
Feb 25, 2022

How do you write a press release after an event? ›

  1. Start out strong and succinct. ...
  2. Use active voice. ...
  3. Identify a point person where readers can direct their inquiries.
  4. Use a professional tone without jargon in your writing. ...
  5. Tell an interesting story with your press release. ...
  6. Send the press release out in a timely fashion.
Feb 14, 2014

How do you start a press release? ›

Here are seven steps to writing an effective press release, step-by-step:
  1. Find a newsworthy angle.
  2. Craft an appealing press release headline.
  3. Summarize your story in your subtitle.
  4. Introduce essential information.
  5. Provide supporting information and context.
  6. Lead into the reader's next steps.
  7. End with your boilerplate.
Jun 20, 2022

How do you write a headline for a press release? ›

Elements of a Successful Press Release Headline

Keep it short, sweet and straightforward: You don't want to lose the reader halfway through. If possible, stick to 10 words or less for a powerful and concise headline. Avoid hyperbole: Exaggeration can be a huge turn-off for a journalist.

How long should paragraphs be in a press release? ›

A good press release is one A4 page long, an average of 300-500 words long. You should be aiming for 3-4 short paragraphs. Each paragraph should only be 3-4 sentences long.

How do I find press release sites? ›

Press release submission sites
  1. Ein Presswire.
  2. prfire.
  3. Newswire.
  4. Presswire.
  5. PR Newswire.
  6. 24-7pressrelease.com.

Do you have to pay for a press release? ›

Distributing your press release locally or to most states will cost $350. Targeting your top markets or regionally will bring the price up to $575, and sending your press release nationally will cost around $805. PR Newswire also has international distribution options.

How can I get free PR articles? ›

  1. PRLog provides free press release submission to search engines and RSS feeds. ...
  2. OnlinePRNews.com's free plan offers the ability to publish a press release for 90 days on Online PR Media. ...
  3. 1888PressRelease offers both free and paid plans. ...
  4. PR.com offers paid and free press release distribution plans.
Aug 25, 2021

What 5 basic questions should a news release answer? ›

Throughout my tenure in the PR profession, I have developed five basic questions that every practitioner must answer when drafting and editing press releases:
  • What are we announcing? ...
  • Who is the target audience? ...
  • What are the impacts or benefits? ...
  • When and where is it available? ...
  • Who will be the spokesperson?

What does a good press release look like? ›

The whole idea of a good press release is that it will be so interesting/innovative/worth sharing that journalists will want to write about it. If the release looks just like all the other emails they read that day, most likely it won't be remembered.

How many pages is a press release? ›

The ideal length of a release is about one page -- any longer is way too much detail for journalists to absorb and any shorter can probably become a phone pitch.

Should I send press release in Word or PDF? ›

The PDF is the king of “static”

Most companies that have a news- or pressroom on their website make their press releases available to journalists. In fact, it is best practice to do so.

How do I write a press release for myself? ›

5 Steps To Write The Best Press Release
  1. Create a Stunning Headline. A killer headline upholds top priority in online marketing. ...
  2. Formulate a Newsworthy Angle. ...
  3. Put Your Most Important Information First. ...
  4. Summarize the Key Elements Succinctly. ...
  5. Add Media Contact Details.
Feb 28, 2022

How do you write a post release? ›

Quick Tips On How To Write A Post Event Press Release
  1. The 5 Ws In The Introduction.
  2. Quotes. You can add quotes from some of the attendants of the event. ...
  3. Include A Link To A Lead Capture Page. ...
  4. Add a Video Showing Highlights of The Event. ...
  5. Distribute Your Press Release. ...
  6. Conclusion. ...
  7. The 5 Ws In The Introduction.
Dec 19, 2021

When should a press release be written? ›

May 5, 2020
  • Opening a new business.
  • Relocating or opening a new office.
  • Announcing company expansion.
  • Launching a new product.
  • Announcing a product update or new product feature.
  • Rebranding or updating your company name.
  • Announcing contest or competition.
  • Announcing contest results.
May 5, 2020

What are three qualities of a good press release? ›

Here are some characteristics of successful press releases:
  • It's nimble. Successful messages are built to fit multiple formats. ...
  • It's atomized. Your audience doesn't live in one place, and neither should your press releases and other content. ...
  • It's useful. Content needs to interest, inform, or entertain the audience...
Oct 21, 2011

What are the 3 core components of a press release? ›

Here are the 6 essential parts most press releases possess:
  • Headline. The headline, or title, of a press release tells readers what the release is about. ...
  • Summary. ...
  • Date and location. ...
  • Body. ...
  • Boilerplate. ...
  • End or Close.

What are the 5 parts of a press release? ›

The 5 Components of a Successful Press Release
  • Relevant timing. Before reaching out to reporters, do some research around your proposed launch date and figure out if there is anything big happening in the space around the same time. ...
  • Compelling headline. ...
  • Informative lead paragraph. ...
  • Supporting quotes. ...
  • Clear call to action.

What should be in the first paragraph of a press release? ›

The first paragraph should contain the most important information and entice readers to continue reading the story. However, the first paragraph should also contain enough information that it could stand on its own. Typically, the opening paragraph offers information about who, what, where, when, why, and how.

How do I make my press release more interesting? ›

8 great tips for turning boring press releases into content worth...
  1. Find the selling points. ...
  2. The headline is key. ...
  3. Next step: the top line. ...
  4. Make it fun to read. ...
  5. Take tips from journalists. ...
  6. Know the basics. ...
  7. Use quotes. ...
  8. Include a call to action.
Jul 12, 2019

What is an example of a headline? ›

Come, sit down beside me and hear my tale of how.” Here are some attention-grabbing headline examples for heart-to-heart posts: 33 Things I've Never Told You (or, How to Re-Introduce Yourself and Kick Your Watered-Down Self in the Ass) No, You Don't Need to be Great at Everything – and Why You Shouldn't Even Try.

How many characters should a press release be? ›

So, to recap: Keep your headlines to a maximum character count of 100-110 characters, including spaces, put your keyword(s) or phrase toward the front, and prepare to have it cut off after 65 characters on Google. More reading on this topic: Essential Tips For Writing Effective Press Release Headlines.

Should a press release be one page? ›

Fit it all on one page.

Every press release should fit on an 8½-by-11 sheet of paper, Long says. Better yet, don't fill the sheet.

How do you write an article cover for an event? ›

6 Tips for Writing About Live Events
  1. Find Your Lede.
  2. Avoid Ledes That Say Nothing.
  3. Watch for the Unexpected.
  4. Don't Cover Events Chronologically.
  5. Include Plenty of Direct Quotes​
  6. Add Color and Leave out the Boring Stuff.
Nov 5, 2019

When should you send out a press release for an event? ›

What time should you send your press release? The best time to send a press release is between 10 am and 2 pm—this is when editors open about one-third of all the emails they've received. Early mornings are less effective: open rates drop to 20.5% between 6 and 10 am.

How do you write a press release for a sports event? ›

Key Components
  1. “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” This should be at the top of your press release in all caps. ...
  2. Headline (title) ...
  3. Dateline. ...
  4. Opening Paragraph. ...
  5. Body Paragraphs. ...
  6. Boilerplate. ...
  7. Contact Information.
Nov 3, 2016

How do you write a short report on an event? ›

How to Create the Best Event Report
  1. Write an executive summary. ...
  2. Include facts such as main objectives, timeline, budget, venue details, event dates/times, and names of event organizers, vendors, and key staff. ...
  3. Summarize attendee feedback that is most relevant to your main objectives to create the best event report.

How long should most paragraphs be in news stories? ›

Short paragraphs: For news stories, paragraphs should be no more than three sentences long. Usually, paragraphs are one or two sentences long. This is much different than the writing you have done for your composition and English classes, which emphasizes four or five sentences per paragraph.

How do you write a news story for an upcoming event? ›

Tips for enjoyable content
  1. Being light, original, and remembering that brevity contributes to clarity – keeping sentences short and timely without exaggerated paragraphs is usually best.
  2. Being precise, honest, informed and impartial, with a strong appeal to the target audience and compelling reasoning.
Jun 14, 2021

What is the best day to do a press release? ›

According to multiple sources, it is generally accepted that the best day for sending a press release is Thursday, followed by Tuesday and Wednesday. These days were chosen based on email open rates, which were determined by the A/B test conducted on email accounts of people working in the publishing industry.

Should I send press release in Word or PDF? ›

The PDF is the king of “static”

Most companies that have a news- or pressroom on their website make their press releases available to journalists. In fact, it is best practice to do so.

What is the most ideal to send a press release? ›

What's the Best Day to Send a Press Release in 2020? In a 2015 study of 100,000 press releases, Ragan suggests Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to distribute a press release. However, a 2020 analysis by Prowly found that PRs sent on Wednesdays were not opened as often, with an open rate of only 15%.

How do you start a report? ›

The first section you start writing in your report is always a summary or introduction. This should stretch across just one or two pages to give your reader a brief glimpse into what your results or findings are.

How do you write an introduction to a report? ›

The introduction should:
  1. discuss the importance or significance of the research or problem to be reported.
  2. define the purpose of the report.
  3. outline the issues to be discussed (scope)
  4. inform the reader of any limitations to the report, or any assumptions made.
Feb 10, 2022

A Press Release is a piece of information that used to send information to people about something noteworthy. These documents usually handled by a firm’s public relations department. This document issued by companies to a wider audience through the use of a newswire service. It can be used to announce things like a new service, […]

This document file used to announce newsworthy events information to the public about a company.. 1 For Press Release The given sample of the press release template comes in Doc files.. 3 For Press Release This single-page press release sample can be used for an organization to release news about new upcoming events.. 10 For Press Release The following press release template designed to market the news about the upcoming events.. 14 For Press Release Use this as another example of the press release template and let your marketing team do the distribution for you.. 15 For Press Release The following press release template provides the essential information about the media release news.. 17 For Press Release Another sample of the press release document.. This template comes with Word files so that you need to add contact information, headlines in detail, and other essential information to need.

Here is a professional Press Release Template that can help anyone in creating official press release quickly and effectively. It is the right of every consumer to receive up to date information regarding the products or brands he purchased or interested to purchase in near future. To fulfill this requirement, every business practice press release to […]

This thing is very important how a professional press release can be created.. Writing a genuine headline for press release is very important but it should be comprehensive, brief and clear.. Important words in headlines should be extracted to attract attention of people.. It should be written as you are delivering important news.. There should not be repetition of words and jargon words are not for writing press release.. This type of information is written in short and to the point.. Try to make link of press releases with some other resources for additional information.. These are some tips for you to make a professional like press release but this is not the end of this nice information.. You are suggested to avoid some common mistakes made by people while preparing press releases.. Also avoid using quotes and examples in writing press release.. Avoid missing punctuation.. You should avoid mistakes mentioned above and can make a right and professional looking press release.. Here is download link for this Press Release Sample 02,. Here is download link for this Press Release Sample 03,

Press Release Template is a MS Word Template that allows your to quickly create professional looking Linear Press Release. Here is its preview,

A perfect press release contains a lot of ingredients and you should do a number of tasks before you compose the actual press release.. Press Release Template is a MS Word Template that allows your to quickly create professional looking Linear Press Release.. Here is another useful Press Release Template in MS Word that can provide you a foundation to kick start writing your own Press Release effectively.. Most people won’t have that much time to understand the main purpose of theme of the press release and some of them won’t read the whole writing just because it’s difficult to find out the main reason of the writing.. Include your personal and contact information at the end of the press release such as your name, email address and a link to some online source where the reader can read it or refer it to someone else.. Here are several free Press Release Samples to assist you in preparing and submitting your own Press Release easily.. Download this Template to just fill-in your own details and come up with a Press Release of a Student Achievement in the Arts.. Here comes another useful Press Release Sample in DOCX format that you can study to understand how a good Press Release look like.. This is a simple yet very effective Press Release that can enable you to start writing Press Releases in as less as possible time.. Checkout following Press Release Template that includes all standard information that any Press Release should have.. Again, click on the link bellow to start downloading this Press Release Template.. If you want to promote a Sports Event in your area through Press Release then checkout following useful Press Release Template.. Yet another Medical Press Release Template to write up your Immediate Release for an upcoming event or informational campaign.. Click on the button bellow to start downloading this Press Release Template for an Immediate Release.

By following a standard press release format, you’re ensuring that a journalist knows how to find what they need. Here's how to format a press release.

Press releases are the standard, universal medium for getting your message out and the expected format for media platforms that may be interested in covering the news that you’re sharing.. There is a standard, expected format for press releases.. This is not the time to get experimental—remember that you’re writing for an audience that is used to a particular format because it works.. Pro tip: Sure, the dateline is a very small piece of the press release but it’s simply part of the expected format.. Again, the same rule applies— be sure that the information in any quote you use helps media contacts create a more complete conception of the story they could write about your announcement .. Like the press release generally, keep your company info section limited to the most essential, high-level kind of information and use later follow-ups to expand on the details.. Pro tip: This boilerplate section of your press release can contain information you might be tempted to include elsewhere, like the subheader or the body.

Press release templates are a valuable tool to help you create and publish beautiful and professional press releases for your brand and bring it to the

Press release templates are a valuable tool to help you create and publish beautiful and professional press releases for your brand and bring it to the spotlight.. You can just take the press release template suitable for your event, customize it, and hit publish.. In this article, I’ll discuss a few things about a press release, how to write one, and the best press release template resources you can leverage.. Evergreen press release : The lifespan of this category of the press release is longer compared to the general announcement.. Release date : It’s the date on which the press release is scheduled to be published.. You will get press release templates for social media, events, launches, business news, awards, standard press releases, and more.. After filing the press release form with relevant details, the custom template you have chosen will automatically create a press release in PDF format easily.. Product launch press release to garner media and public attention Music press release to grab music lovers’ attention Concert press release to capture media and community attention Event press release to announce event date, ticket prices, venue, and other details Theater press release to increase the number of audience and sales Social media press release to celebrate your social media page’s success Email press release to attract the audience and customers Book press release to announce the launch of a new book and drive community and media interest Artist press release to promote new artists and groups New hire press release to announce your company is looking to hire new employees Non-profit press release for awareness about something like saving soil, preserving nature, donations camps, etc.. Each of the press releases you choose will contain a headline, a Lead to answer what, why, who, when, where, etc., a body to explain the information, dateline, media contact details like the agency or author’s contact information, and company information to help the journalist understand the purpose and write the press release.. Tour announcement New player announcement New CEO announcement Partnership announcement Acquisitions Real estate Political announcements Charity Grand Opening New hires Artist promotion Sports Police department Fire department NGO Aid and fundraisers Amazon product release Finance group launch Smartphone launch Corporate social responsibility Hospital award Advertising agency hires TV shows Hotel partnership Changes in creative process and marketing strategy Music Startup launch Product launch Event promotion Book release Non-profit fundraiser Mergers Label signing. So, instead of spending hours thinking about the format and other details while creating a press release from scratch, just use any of the press release templates mentioned above.

Free Press Release Template / Pr Plan Sample Press Release Templates Get Free Media Exposure / A press release template you can use for...

Free Press Release Template / Pr Plan Sample Press Release Templates Get Free Media Exposure / A press release template you can use for free. . A professional press release should give clear and concise information about your product or service.. 66 press release templates that you can download, customize, and print for free.. 66 press release templates that you can download, customize, and print for free.. A press release template you can use for free.. Source: cdn.jotfor.ms50+ free press release examples and templates.. Source: exceltemplates.netGet our free book press release template here.. Source: profounder.comSample press releases available in template.

How to write a press release? This question comes up time and again. If you want to get noticed by media outlets, you need to know how to write a press release. Writing a good press release is important because it helps you reach out to journalists and other media outlets. The goal of writing a press release is to get

How to write a press release?. If you want to get noticed by media outlets, you need to know how to write a press release.. Writing a good press release is important because it helps you reach out to journalists and other media outlets.. The most common type of press release is called an “article” release.. A second type of press release is known as a “press kit.” Press kits are typically longer than article releases and contain more information.. Press releases can be sent to print publications, radio stations, online news sites, blogs, and social networks.. You should always make sure that any press release you send contains all the necessary elements, including:. Once you’ve mastered the art of writing a press release, you may consider creating one for your own business or organization.. In order to set up an e-commerce website, you need to register a domain name and select a hosting service provider.. In order to set up an E- Commerce website, you need to purchase a domain name and select an hosting service provider.. Hosting is a service which allows you to host your website on a computer.. After registering your domain name, you need to choose a hosting service provider.. There are various types of hosting providers like shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers etc.. Once you have selected a hosting service provider, you can start installing your shopping cart software.. All you need is a good hosting service provider, a domain name registration and a shopping cart software.

When running a business, you’ll sometimes need to spread news about what you’re up to. For these situations, a press release is ideal. If you don’t know how to write one, you might miss out on a lot of potential interest. Writing press releases is an art form. They need to be engaging so...

If they’re interested, they’ll write about the news in their publications.. For example, take this press release by the Southern Bank:. In 2017, as it celebrates this milestone, the bank has several events planned to thank its customers and the communities it serves.. Take a look at this post’s title, for example – it’s descriptive, but we also provide extra information about what you’ll get (i.e. a press release template.). When you write a press release, you need to provide all of the most pertinent information.. Who your press release is about.. Where your news, event, or promotion will take place.


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